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Oh yes....more than just true......the words that moved me to post online by a friend of my mother when my mother was in the hospital "You need to write" have apparently fallen to the back of my memory.....and I have almost forgotten the inspiration I received when told that!

Well, I hope I have woken up that sleeping feeling and I hope to start a new chapter in my writing. I think my current instability with my work situation, and the strange economic situation that the world finds itself in makes for some pretty fertile ground for though and comment.....

Wish me luck!

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Well, today is only the 17th, but because of vacation, today is my last MS5000 riding day. I did put on a strong final push, riding a 244 mile day up and around New Hampshire.

I want to thank everyone who donated
(and you still can if you want), because I reached my $1000 goal. I really appreciate all who donated. It was a fun ride for me, but the miles actually mean NOTHING...the actual benefit comes from those who donate, and I again thank all of you.

My riding stats are as follows. I rode two bikes, my 2013 Suzuki VSTROM 650, and my 2005 Kymco People 250 scooter.
(I included the scooter because I will often take small store runs, and the rear top case and under seat room make shopping easier)

So my mileage on the VSTROM was 2950 miles, and the People 250 went 177 miles, for a total of 3127 total miles! I had a goal of between 3000 and 3400 miles, and so I feel I did OK given the cold, below freezing days we had in early April.

Once again.....if you still want to donate, there is still time. Go to this web page below and donate with a credit card.


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Well, I only have a few more days to go so I had to go to work today. It looked like rain, but that could not stop me...I had to put in the miles!

I had a volunteer class after work, so I carried my laptop in my backpack and took it with me.

So as of tonight, my bike has 6703 miles on it, whick means
I have gone 2701 miles in my MS5000 ride. I still have four days until May 20th, but I will be going away on the 18th, so I love 2 full days of riding.

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Well.....the weather today was "choice"! I mean it was over 60 degrees when I left from home and mid-day it was easily in the mid to high 70's!

The walk at lunch was a bit of a struggle....I mean I still had long sleeves...what was I thinking!?!

Wow, what a day.....the ride home was in the low 70's too....and I took the long way and rode the back roads around town a bit before getting on to pay the bills! (Which has nothing to do with this...LOOK SQUIRREL!... but I really felt I had to explain why I didn't stay out all night long.....and you can bet that didn't cross my mind!)

BTW: My ride today was about 137 miles, and that brings me to
2558 miles so far (over half way to the 5000 mile ultimate goal).....fingers crossed on the weather this week, but given the weather I have ridden in at the start of April, I will hopefully ride a few more times. (Though I have to shop for Bea tomorrow, and need my car....and I have to carry my computer on Wednesday because I am teaching a kid to use one after work.....and if it rains, we shall see what I take!)

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Well, my mileage isn't all I wanted, but it is at least still going up! My money raised however has gotten stuck at $485! My goal is to raise $1000, so I am not even half way there! Can you please spread the word, and given ever $2.....that would be wonderful, and if you want to give more. by all means please do!

Here is the website you can donate through:


As for my mileage, I am currently sitting at 2421 miles. Today I took about a 135 mile trip, so the miles keep adding up....slow but steady wins the race!

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Well, I got out on the road a little late today, but I was able to pretty much dodge the rain and put in a few miles. I think I rode about 159 miles or so.

But the big number is my total mileage against my MS5000 goal. I am currently at a grand total of 2003 miles!
(1851 miles on the VSTROM, and 152 miles on the Kymco Scooter)

I have a number of volunteer things during the week that will be slowing me down. For example,  shop for a woman on Tuesday nights, and now I am back to teaching a friend to use computers on Wednesday....but I might be able to handle that on my motorcycle.

Oh, and I need a full court press on the people at work for donations. Asking is what I hate the most!

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Well, as of this moment, I have compiled a total of 1805 miles, and I feel pretty good about the possibilities for riding coming up! (That's an average of 64 miles per day so far.....if I keep this pace, I will be at about 3200 miles total)

Unfortunately, this is not going to be a good week for it though because not only am I going to be taking the car to work on Tuesday (I shop for a lady) but I am most likely going to do the same on Thursday too because I have to go to the wake of a high school friend who passed away today.  Needless to say, they is more important than any miles goal, so I am not going to fret over doing that.

I am still looking for other people to donate to my ride......I am going to try and approach people at work. Wish me luck but even more important, please contribute to the effort......you can give me a check (for any amount) or contribute directly to the MS Society at my MS5000 contribution Website:


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Well, the work week is over and I didn't ride 2 of the 5 days........Tuesday was planned because I shop for Bea, but Wednesday was unplanned but between the morning cold and the lightning, I wasn't going to go out there riding 62 miles (each way) to commute to work! (I did come home after work and post a 52 mile ride just to get some mileage on the clock)

So where do I stand now...about 25 days into this 50 day challenge.......Well, I currently have 1504 miles on the VSTROM and 117 miles on the scooter for a total of 1621 miles. If I continue that pace, I will be doing about 3242 miles! (sorry....that is shy of the 5000 mile total.....but I am just not a Long Distance Rider!)

Oh...wish me luck......but even more important, please contribute to the effort......you can give me a check (for any amount) or contribute directly to the MS Society at my MS5000 contribution Website:


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Well, it was raining with lightening this morning, and I had an early morning meeting, so I decided to drive the car. I felt a little but bad about it later in the day when the rain proved to be more of a drizzle.

So I decided to take a ride when I got home tonight in an attempt to at least make up some of my missed miles. Well, I rolled out about 51.4 miles before the cold temperatures overcame me!

My ride was about 52 miles all together, and it went out to Princston, Mass and back, basically on RT31. I was going to swing into Worcester on RT122, but just took the same road back so as to give me the mileage I wanted. My ride looked something like this.

My total rally statistics so far are that I have $485 in donations from various people and so far at about the half way point, I have ridden a total of 1487 miles
(1370 miles on the VSTROM and 117 miles on the People 250)

This makes a total of 6337 rally points (4850 points from donations and 1487 from miles!)

Wish me luck!

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Well, this weekend we were blessed with two great spring days, and it was still a bit to early to get too engrossed in yard work, so I put in some miles toward my MS5000 goals!

First on Saturday, I started out riding with the Metrowest Motorcycle Meetup Riding Group, taking off in Ashland and riding about 70 miles around western Massachusetts. It was about 35 miles from my house to Ashland, and after the ride, I took the long way back to the house
(the very scenic tour by way of the Ural of New England Open House!) and all total, I took in about 170 miles for the day!

Well, today was Easter, and after going to two services
(One at the Catholic Church, and one at the Congregational Church) and then we went off the a wonderful Brunch at a friends. Well....after the brunch, I had some energy! The weather was still in the 70's, so off I went on the scooter!

My first run was "practical", in that I went to pick up a vice
(25% off!) at Harbor Freight....to round off my basement work bench space. After that, I took a run through Worcester, all around in fact, then ran out to the west where I picked up some side roads that looped around Leicester, and then out to Spencer. I was out to get miles......and heck, I remember why I liked that scooter.....67MPG and very comfortable at 50MPH. (it will get and and go to 76MPH...maybe even 80MPH down hill with a tail wind!)

I am not sure how many miles I went on the scooter today, but all together so far, I have 1089 miles on the Vstrom 650, and 117 miles on the People 250 Scooter. for a total of 1206 miles all together.....yes, as I noted in my recent post.....I am officially over the 1000 mile "minimum" to finish the race....and with the $485 donations so far, I have 4850 points from dollars + 1206 points from miles for a total of 6056 points.....so technically I will be a "finisher"......but I have a target of $1000 in money to raise......and from my perspective, while the riding is nice (the MS5000 gives me an "excuse" to ride), it is the money raised that helps the MS Society. (yes, the riding also helps awareness, which is in itself an important "force multiplier"....so don't let me make it sound like I am saying it is NOT important)

So, if you can, and have not yet done so....please go to my MS5000 fundraising page and done something to the cause......anything would be helpful to the MS Society.


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